The strange story behind Bonfire Night

The fifth of November is an exciting date for British children. It's Bonfire Night! People across the country will go to their local parks to see bonfires (big fires) burn, eat toffee apples and watch fireworks displays. But why do we celebrate Bonfire Night in Great Britain? This festival has been celebrated for hundreds of years and is a way of remembering an event that happened in 1605. A group of men led by Guy Fawkes put gunpowder (an explosive) under the British Parliament - they wanted to blow up Parliament and kill King James I! Luckily, their plan was uncovered before anyone was killed.  The plotters and their leader, Guy, were not so fortunate: they were executed for their crime. And now, over 400 years later, we remember by burning a dummy of Guy Fawkes on top of the bonfire.
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