Spooky street

Boston street decorated for Halloween with skeletonsHalloween is a very popular celebration in the United States. Children like dressing up as witches, ghosts or zombies to go trick-or-treating in their neighbourhood for sweets. It is also common to decorate your house with carved pumpkins, spider's webs,  witches hats - anything to make it look scary! One street in Boston, Massachusetts has really got into the spirit this year. All the houses have skeleton decorations in their gardens - but not ordinary skeletons. These boney decorations are wearing clothes and are doing everyday activities like walking dogs, doing yoga and playing on a swing. There are even doctor skeletons! This looks sure to be the spookiest street in the US this Halloween. Are you going to celebrate Halloween this year? What are you going to dress up as? (Photo credit: K. Oudin)
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