Man eats 30,000 Big Macs

Big Mac burgerAn American man ate his 30,000th Big Mac last week. Don Gorske, age 64 from Wisconsin in the United States, loves McDonald's burgers so much that he eats two every day. For Don, they are his "perfect food". He started eating them in 1972 when he got his driving licence and could drive to his local McDonald's restaurant. Since then he has eaten them every day except when his mother died. Don even proposed to his wife in the car park of a McDonald's restaurant! Now Don holds the Guinness World Record for eating the most burgers.   Do you think Don is right to eat fast food every day? Or should we try to eat a healthier diet?  
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20 thoughts on “Man eats 30,000 Big Macs

  1. Naïm says:

    46 Years of eating big mac every day.. Is his stomach still good?
    Who else can eat that…
    Even if someone can, it will one day seems not as good than before, because of eating it too much..
    That’s just.. Wow.. Impressive.

  2. Kaïs says:

    In 2014, water consumption per person per day was the highest in Dubai. In the United States consumption is the second largest in the world. In fact, the average daily consumption per person in Dubai is around 500 liters. In the United States, it is 295 liters. Japan completes the podium with an average consumption of 278 liters.

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