Say “hello” to a talking whale

an orca whaleWikie is 14 years old.  She lives in Antibes, France, enjoys swimming and is learning English. So far, Wikie knows how to say, "hello", "bye bye" and "one, two, three". But Wikie is not a regular schoolgirl - she is a whale! Wikie the orca works with her trainer, Amy, who is teaching her human language. Amy repeats the words to her and - after lots of practice - Wikie is able to repeat the sounds using her blowhole (the hole on the top of her head). When she gets a word right, she is given a fish! Maybe Wikie will be ready for The Big Challenge next year?
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42 thoughts on “Say “hello” to a talking whale

  1. Chloé Denayer says:

    It’s an excellent report !!! Wikie the orca is very intelligent. I hope she will be ready for The Big Challenge next year. She will have all her chances to win.

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