Is this the worst film of 2017?

Mark WahlbergThe nominations for the worst films of 2017 are out - and it is not good news for Transformers fans. Normally, awards are given to the best films. But The Razzies are different from The Oscars or The Golden Globes. They are the awards that no one wants to receive. Each year they give awards for the worst movies and performances. This year, The Razzies have nominated “Transformers: The Last Knight” for Worst Film, Worst Director and Worst Actor for Mark Wahlberg.  Other films which may “win” are “The Emoji Movie”, “The Mummy” and “Baywatch”. What is your best or worst film of the year? (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo by Kathy Reesey, Public Domain)
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25 thoughts on “Is this the worst film of 2017?

  1. neelablue says:

    Whaat? Baywatch? Nooooo. But I´m fairly sure the Emoji movie is the worst.

    Also I think it´s not fair to give this award away. Everyone who has taken part in any of these films has been working so hard and actually these films aren´t that bad. For many people they are brilliant, so just bc the jury of the awards doesn´t like them the movies doesn´t have to be bad!

  2. Nikolai says:

    All the Transformers movies with Michael Bay suck, though I feel a little disappointed to hear one of my favorite actors (Mark Wahlberg from controversial comedy hit Ted, also one of my favorite comedies along with the sequel.) get nominated for the worst actor. All 4 of the nominated movies listed deserve that kind of award, although i’d rather have these movies not nominated for anything and just leave them in the garbage, where they belong. One of my picks for Worst Movie of the Year would be ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi,’ ‘Fifty Shades Darker,’ ‘Justice League,’ ‘The Boss Baby,’ ‘Ghost In The Shell’ (One of the worst anime adaptations in history, in my opinion) and ‘Bright.’

  3. The Nightmare says:

    ‘”The Emoji Movie'” and ‘”The Mummy”‘ are also in top worst films of 2017 and Transformers 5: The Last Knight was great I am a big Transformers fan I watched every part and cartoons more than 3 times.

    • Pontet says:

      8Then what are you waiting go watch beast war transformers animated and transformers prime then go watch the transformers the movie aka the 1986 animated one

    • Nikolai says:

      How can you NOT like ‘Spectre?’ Your comment is actually a complete reversal! Big Momma’s House 2 flopped at the box-office and Spectre is considered to be one of the best James Bond movies yet. But i guess some teenagers aren’t good at criticizing movies yet and probably aren’t really into movies with a dark tone.

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