Royal Stormtroopers

Harry and William?Prince William and Prince Harry have parts in the latest Star Wars film as Imperial Stormtroopers. The British royals, who attended the premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in London this week, secretly filmed their roles in April last year while visiting the film set. Both princes are big fans of the film franchise, with Prince William confessing to being a “total Star Wars geek”.  The scene in which they appear remains a secret but it may be possible to spot the royal pair: at 187 centimetres, both princes are taller than the average Stormtroopers. If you see very tall Stormtroopers in The Last Jedi, they could be William and Harry!
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14 thoughts on “Royal Stormtroopers

  1. Nikolai says:

    As long as they got no lines and have been payed for the role, I’m fine with it. The movie, according to me and a bunch of professional critics, is one of the worst Star Wars films yet, including the previous episode. I got premiere tickets for The Force Awakens and walked out not satisfied at all.

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