Australians told to eat kangaroos

kangaroo-300x200The kangaroo population of Australia has increased massively in recent years and Australians are being asked to help - by eating them! There are 45 million kangaroos in Australia today, up from 27 million in 2010. Rainy weather has created more food for the kangaroos which has resulted in an explosion in their numbers. Environmentalists fear that a large population of kangaroos will damage the environment, and they are looking for ways to reduce it, including 'roo steaks on the BBQ. Despite being low in fat and environmentally friendly (because of the low amounts of methane produced), many Australians feel uncomfortable eating their cute national animal. Kangaroo meat is a popular novelty meat with tourists, along with crocodile and emu, and it has long been eaten by Aboriginal people. However, it seems that for the majority of Australians, eating Skippy is just one leap too far.

Reported by Julia, Bruxelles
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13 thoughts on “Australians told to eat kangaroos

  1. shadowlight1309 says:

    nobody is right if he thinks: oh there are too much kangaroos, no problem we can eat them

    its so sad 🙁

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