Want to be happy? Move to Norway

NorwayThere may be some truth to the saying that “blondes have more fun”. Norway known for its fair-haired citizens, fiords and trolls was recently declared the happiest place on earth. The World Happiness Report looked at 155 countries and asked people to rate how happy they were. Norway came out as the happiest, but other Nordic countries did well too. Denmark, Finland and Iceland are also in the top five. The least-happy countries are those facing wars, famine and civil unrest. Syria was at 152, while the Central African Republic was in last place.  

Reported by Max, 15, The Netherlands
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6 thoughts on “Want to be happy? Move to Norway

  1. Asia says:

    I always liked this country but I didn’t know that this is actually the happiest country in the world. In future I will leave there (if it won’t change).

  2. Lennart says:


    I like this text, because it is written in an understandable way, I think everybody is able to understand the text! Keep on doing these reports, so people, that want to improve their English, can do it easily with this simple texts!

    Greetings from Germany

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