A holiday in space

moonIf you’re not a fan on beach holidays, how about a trip to the moon instead? The US company SpaceX recently announced that they will be flying two tourists into space for a week-long trip in 2018. The space rocket will fly around the moon, though not land. The cost of the trip has not been revealed though it was said to be “significant”. The travellers shouldn’t expect 5-star accommodation during their voyage among the stars. The capsule in which they will travel is only 3.5 metres across. Would you like to go on holiday to the moon?

Reported by Lucas, 16, Halmstad
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11 thoughts on “A holiday in space

  1. réglisse ma vie says:

    I really like to go in space! It’s my most wonderful dream!

    I think it’s a wonderful experience! 🙂 😉 :-p

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