Birds on a plane

An aeroplane had some unusual passengers this week – 80 falcons! A Saudi prince booked seats on a flight for his pet birds. The falcons were seated on boxes in the middle row seats, complete with TV screens. Seeing birds on aeroplanes is not unusual in Saudi Arabia. Falcon racing is a popular sport in the Middle East and bird owners use planes to transport their birds to races. Normally Qatar Airways allows up to six falcons per flight at the price of €580 each. Now, who is going to tell the prince that birds can fly?   (Photo: Reddit/lensoo)
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27 thoughts on “Birds on a plane

  1. Coolix says:

    Hey !
    It’s very strange???? ! And I laught ???? There was probably no more room on the plane !???????????????????? Seriously or will they sit down the passengers ? ????????????????????????Birds are expensive, luxurious and most importantly the person has to be really wealthy especially since it’s not given an airplane place ! ????????????????????????✌️???? Claire 11 years old ????????????

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