Dippy the Diplodocus is on the move

Dippy Dinosaurs don't get much opportunity to travel these days, but that's all set to change for London's most famous diplodocus. Dippy is a 21.3 metre plaster cast diplodocus skeleton who has lived in London's Natural History Museum for over a 100 years. An estimated 90 million visitors have seen Dippy over the years. However, the museum is being refurbished so staff have decided to take Dippy on a road trip! Over a 2-year period, Dippy will visit museums in Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff to give visitors outside London the opportunity to see this impressive specimen. Dippy will be broken apart and then packed into 12 boxes. Dippy has 292 bones so a detailed record will be kept of how to put him back together again! While Dippy is off on his adventures, his place will be taken by a 4.5 tonne blue whale skeleton.
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