The biggest earning pop stars of 2016 revealed

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is top of the list of the highest-paid musicians in America with earnings of $170 million. After a year of touring and lucrative endorsements, the singer is well ahead of former-boyfriend, Harry Styles, whose band One Direction come in at second place with $110 million. Other than the British boy band, the top five places are all filled by ladies, with Adele, Rihanna and Madonna all having a profitable year in 2016. The rest of the top ten sees more traditional acts like the Rolling Stones and AC/DC making their mark, as well as younger talent like Calvin Harris. Here's the full list: 1. Taylor Swift: $170 million 2. One Direction: $110 million 3. Adele: $80.5 million 4. Madonna: $76.5 million 5. Rihanna: $75 million 6. Garth Brooks: $70 million 7. AC/DC: $67.5 million 8. Rolling Stones: $66.5 million 9. Calvin Harris: $63 million 10. Diddy: $62 million
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  1. suessstoffsuchtiqueen says:

    oh my god are serious i only earn 5 million dollar every year thats not fair i`m in love with the shape of you

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