Man offers truck to find lost dog

300x225_lostdogA man in Florida is so desperate to find his lost dog that he has offered his truck as a reward to help find him. His dog, a pit bull cross called Buddy Boy, went missing on Wednesday. His owner, 31 year old James O'Sicky, made the offer on local Facebook pages. "The truck is replaceable, the dog is not," said Mr O'Sicky. Since then the reward has attracted the attention of the local and national media, and many have offered to search for Buddy Boy, as well as donate towards a new reward to allow the owner to keep his truck. The reward now stands at $5,000.
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13 thoughts on “Man offers truck to find lost dog

  1. Katie says:

    If I found the dog, I would bring him the dog and say: „Seeing you with your dog together again is the only prinze I need.“

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