Korean Pop

KOCIS_Korea_Mnet_BTS_01_(12986916653)Korean Pop (K-pop) is very popular in Asia and around the world. It's a mix of different musical styles (electro, R&B, pop, rock ...). K-pop orignated in the 1990s in South Korea. There are lots of videos on YouTube.  The popular bands include : BTS (Bangtan Boys), BTOB, Block B, iKon, Uniq, BIGBANG, Sistar and MAMAMOO, but the most famous is BTS. They are all between eighteen and twenty-three years old. Their latest album is "Young Forever". Many French teenagers love K-pop music. Their songs "talk" about love.

Reported by Cloe, 13 years old, Collège Pierre Brossolette, Nogent-le-Rotrou, France
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12 thoughts on “Korean Pop

  1. Coline says:

    I like kpop : bts bigbang nues’t…
    My favourits songs are : bigbang fantastic baby – bts dope and bts blood sweat and tears! I love them too much 🙂

  2. silberkatz says:

    But EXO is the most famous group, bc they got at most hits. Then bulletproof boys. My favourite group. My Bias is Taehyung hehe~

    • Icha says:

      I agree that they really should put EXO on the list.
      Also someone from the company JYP, like GOT7 (my ultimate group) or Twice or 2PM or the new group Stray Kids needs to be on the list.

      My biases are RM and Jin >~<

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