Neymar, a Football Superstar!

neymar-sera-t-il-presentNeymar da Silva Santos Júnior, also known as just Neymar,is a professional footballer. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil on 5 February 1992. He is quite tall, 1.74 m, and he weighs 68 kg. He plays as a forward or winger for the Spanish club FC Barcelona. He is an amazing footballer. Neymar is known for his acceleration and his dribbling skills. He has a 5-year-old son named David.

Reported by Kacper, 12 years old, Dwikozy Primary School, Dwikozy, Poland
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8 thoughts on “Neymar, a Football Superstar!

    • Amina AITMOKHTAR says:

      Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior plays PSG (he left Barcelona).He was born in Brazil in 1992/02/05 (I love it) 💋😘

  1. LOUIS says:

    Neymar is magic
    He is fantastic
    He is very good at football
    I love him becose I love his capacity and his talent
    PSG is a good club for him !!!


  2. Matteo Lusser says:

    Yes he is very good, but….
    He switched to Paris Saint Germain. Now he’s europas most hated player. He switched only for money to PSG. Now he wants again to the Fc Barcelona. It is a very unsporting behavier.
    ..a pity..
    Lg Matteo

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