Can Real Madrid Win the Champion’s League?

Real de MadridReal Madrid used to be a very good team. But it is no longer on top of the game. The team has got some very good football players, but they are going to have to beat some excellent teams, such as Bayern, as F.C. Barcelona,  Dortmund etc. There are many obstacles in their way. Will Zinédine Zidane be able to bring Real Madrid to a victory against F.C. Barcelona in The Champions League this year?

Reported by Juan, 13 years old, I.E.S Mediterráneo, Almería, Spain
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3 thoughts on “Can Real Madrid Win the Champion’s League?

  1. Andersen says:

    They aren’t gonna win it because Liverpool will, MO SALAH MO SALAH MO SALAH RUNNING DOWN THE WING


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