Bieber Beats The Beatles

Justin bieberIt seems like it was yesterday when little Justin Bieber started posting his videos on YouTube. Now the 21-year-old Canadian has become a global popstar. He has produced many hit songs and top-selling albums. Justin has released a new hit album "Purpose". With this album, he has a whopping 17 songs in the Top 100. This new records breaks those set by the Beatles who had 14 songs in the Top 100. The songs on the "Purpose" album are all pop tunes with a catchy beat and memorable lyrics and I recommend that you download the album. Justin Bieber will come to the Netherlands on 8 October 2016.

Reported by Maartenj, 14 years old, Rijnlands Lyceum, Wassenaar, The Netherlands
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4 thoughts on “Bieber Beats The Beatles

  1. Mosau says:

    I hatte Justin Bieber, he make a bin Drama about his live! And he canˋt sing! The Beatles are older, better, and they made only real Music with instruments!

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