No Rey in Star Wars Monopoly?!

Rey Star WarsStar Wars fans were very upset when the new The Force Awakens Monopoly game was released. It contained only the male characters from the film. One of the most important characters, Rey, was missing! Hasbro, the company that makes the game, declared that they did not include Rey because they did not want to reveal the story before the movie was released. But fans are not happy. So Hasbro is going to release another version of the game, this time with Rey.

Reported by Klara, 12 years old, Uppsala, Sweden
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17 thoughts on “No Rey in Star Wars Monopoly?!

  1. Rubén's says:

    I’m a very Star Wars fan!
    Hasbro company hasn’t got excuse! I think it should have told the truth and that it has had a macho attitude.

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