The Flying Car

aeromobile3Stefan Klein, a Slovakian engineer has created a car that can drive .... AND fly! He calls it the Aeromobil and it's got retractable wings and propellers. Klein ran a successful flight test in October. The Aeromobil can reach speeds of 200 km/hour as an aeroplane and 160km/hour as a car. To drive the Aeromobil of course, you need a driver's--and a pilot's--license. A second prototype, the Transition, is being developed in the United States. Is this the car of the future? What do you think?

Reported by Hugo, 12 years old, Berlin, Germany
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60 thoughts on “The Flying Car

  1. Celia says:

    I think that this aeromobil is a grand progress for the people in the word, because the flying car is faster than a car and we can travel in the air without using an airplane.

  2. Ilyass Elkhattabi says:

    I’ve always wanted to have one of these cars when I was little. I would like to ask you to make other models of different colors.
    I think these cars will be very effective for the human race and will change our lives.

  3. tymon says:

    i think it’s kinda useless, after all, its for specifed people, and only people whith plane licences are:
    -rich people that don’t need it as they probably can buy a private airbus
    -emerited pilots who don’t have money for something like that
    -goverment officials who’d be endangered by it
    -pewdepie who’s to busy bathing in undeserwed money
    -dat boi who already has a monocycle
    -me who’s to busy wasting my life wrighting this
    -my mom whos to awsome for that lame desing (hi mom)
    that being said i dont thing its stupid as progress is the nature of live

  4. Huelviipro109 says:

    It is a very good idea because is a very big step for the future. You can go to all of the parts of the world because you drive in the road and you fly in the sky.

  5. Huelviipro109 says:

    It is a fantastic idea because is a very big step from the future.
    OMG. You can go to all parts of the world because you drive in the rode and you fly in the sky.

  6. EL DOCTOR says:

    This is the future. I want to have this car. Imagine to have an airport in the roof of your home. And with his velocity you will never late again to work or school.It’s fantastic.
    Just take your keys and Allons-y

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